Публикация «India in the fifteenth century»

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The Hakluyt Society
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Научная тематика
  • 03.91 История отдельных стран
  • 39.01.09 История географии. Персоналия
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India in the fifteenth century : being a collection of narratives of voyages to India, in the century preceding the Portuguese discovery of the Cape of Good Hope : from Latin, Persian, Russian, and Italian sources, now first translated into English / ed., with an introduction, by R.H. Major. - London : printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1857. - [2], IV, XC, 50, 40, 32, 10, [7] p. - (Works issued by the Hakluyt Society).
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Editor: Richard Henry Major (October 3, 1818 – June 25, 1891) was a geographer and map librarian who curated the map collection of the British Museum from 1844 until his retirement in 1880.